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  • Don Pray – A former coworker and friend of mine, I blame Don for all of this nonsense. When I caught the bug I, of course, asked the one person I knew who had a telescope. Actually, Don has more than one telescope and they are all quite large! He sent me to AstroMart and the rest is history and dollars under the bridge. I’m always excited when he stops in for lunch and I can pick his brain.
  • Marc Jousset – Beautiful CCD images from the suburbs of Paris. Marc takes his passions seriously as evidenced by the lineage of venerable telescopes and image trains documented on his site. One of the very first sites I encountered–there is a special place in my heart for Marc’s site.  Maybe it’s also the very classic and clean web 0.01 theme that I love so much with even an animated 3D flashing GIF for the e-mail/contact link. And the logo with the purple glow reminds me of Silicon Toad’s Infinity Void hacker resource… I digress… deep bows to Marc.
  • LJC Observatory – This guy is a member of my club and I spent many hours going over and over the images of his construction of a roll-off outhouse-style observatory.  Since we had 4′ of snow it was the perfect time to dream of an observatory.
  • Len DiPinto – Another local club member, Len is one of the first people I met in person who actually did astrophotography. His images were and are very inspirational to me and something to strive towards. My all time favorite is probably his Andromeda galaxy.  He’s also the first person I’ve met who has successfully and repeatedly planned out and captured ISS transits. His story of diving for the power cord on an early attempt to stop a runaway mount from destroying things gives me encouragement.
  • Steve Mazlin, MD – I found Steve’s page very recently and love the flare with which he built and opened his home observatory–inviting the neighbors and even having cake.  That’s what it’s all about!
  • To be continued…


  • AstroMart – Discussion, images, and lots of, dare I say, old timers with a tremendous wealth of knowledge. It costs $15 USD per year to join and I think that filters out the forums. Nice and clean. Less active these days… :-(


  • Meteoblue Astronomical Seeing for Rutland, MA – astronomical seeing prediction for Rutland (type in your location to get local results) including all cloud layers, jet stream, planets, moon, and estimation of seeing in arcseconds… an astrophotography must have
  • Government of Canada Seeing Forecast For Astronomical Purposes – “seeing is the term used in astronomy to quantify the steadiness or the turbulence of the atmosphere” and the Canadian Government provides an excellent graphical animation of seeing predictions twice daily along with a handy reference chart for gauging seeing conditions on a scale from I to V.


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