Astrophotography in Central Mass 

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Current Astrophotography Setup

10" f/4.5 Newtonian Telescope (custom)Below, you’ll find a list of my current telescopes, cameras, lenses, software, and Android apps for astrophotography. Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, and other feedback.


  • Celestron CG5 mount
  • Celestron SkySync GPS
  • Celestron NexStar hand controller
  • Celestron polar finder scope
  • Clutch knobs removed
  • RA adjustment screws removed
  • DEC adjustment screws replaced with hex head screws
  • Power input replaced with interlocking connectors
  • Regreased with arctic weight grease
  • 58lbs counterweights


  • 10″ f/4.5 Newtonian (custom)
    • Optic Wave Labs (OWL) 10″ f/4.5 primary
    • JMI NGF-2 focuser
    • Homemade OTA rings with Celestron dovetail bar
    • Guiding via Basler A102f mono Firewire camera with an old Soligor 135mm camera lens
  • 8″ f/10 Celestron C8-A XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain (flocked with Royal 3 Velvet)
    • William Optics 2″ dual-speed focuser with digital display gauge and RotoLock
    • Celestron dovetail bar
    • Guiding via Basler A102f mono Firewire camera on Celestron 80mm guidescope package

8" Celestron C8-A XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain TelescopeCamera:

  • Canon EOS 6D (unmodified) with A/C adapter
    • Baader Planetarium Canon EOS T-adapter
    • Baader Planetarium Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector (MPCC)


  1. Negative Screen (essential for Windows users turns everything red!)
  2. Backyard EOS for imaging, frame & focus, drift alignment, etc (must have for DSLR!)
  3. MetaGuide for guiding with Basler Firewire camera (critical!)
  4. FireCapture (mostly for planetary with Basler)
  5. Deep Sky Stacker (critical!)
  6. Adobe Bridge (media management)
  7. Adobe Camera RAW
  8. Adobe Photoshop CS6
  9. Noise Ninja (essential, no longer sold as plugin need to buy PhotoNinja and ask for NN2)
  10. Star Spikes Pro 3 and 4
  11. Gradient Xterminator
  12. Hasta La Vista Green (HVLG)
  13. Noel Carboni Astronomy Tools Actions Set for Photoshop
  14. FITS Liberator for scientific/CCD processing
  15. PIPP planetary image pre-processor (critical)
  16. AutoStakkert!2 for stacking planets and lunar/solar surfaces (critical)
  17. Stellarium (what’s up right now?)
  18. Virtual Moon Atlas
  19. Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE)
  20. AstroImageJ for processing science images
  21. ASCOM platform and drivers

Android Apps:

  1. Astro Panel (the astro seeing forecast you need with alerts when clear skies are detected! doesn’t always load due to 7 timer servers)
  2. Stellarium Mobile (mobile version of the desktop software)
  3. Heavens Above (ISS tracking)
  4. Flashlight (choose your favorite.. helpful when you drop things or lose your headlamp)

Full Moon Selfie

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