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Aldrich Astronomical Society’s Newest Board Member

Published on 2016-03-29, by

I was invited to server as the interim Public Relations and Outreach Coordinator, member of the board of directors, for my astronomy club and accepted. I’ve been having fantastic time working with the Aldrich Astronomical Society members and board to launch a new website and various other projects. Check out our new site:

Aldrich Astronomical Society

Aldrich Astronomical Society


City of Joy

Published on 2016-03-02, by

I had a really good time at Space Horizons 2016, hosted by Brown University, the weekend before last. We looked at what it will take to create an international city on the moon. All aspects of the science, infrastructure, business, and policy were explored. My group focused on the importance of ensuring the pursuit of joy in lunar living. I left the workshop completely exhausted and absolutely convinced that we need to create an international city on the moon as the bridge for human space colonization. I really enjoyed collaborating on these slides and hope you enjoy them too!

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