Astrophotography in Central Mass 

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Seeing is believing

Published on 2015-11-03, by

By all measurements, tonight should be quite adequate (by New England standards) for astrophotography.  Both Meteoblue and the Candian Government are reporting decent “seeing” tonight and the moon shouldn’t become a nuisance until around midnight.  Many of the Aldrich Imagers will be setting up their scopes and pointing them to the heavens hoping for the best.

Yesterday, I installed a longer counterweight bar for my Celestron CG-5 mount–allowing me to reduce the overall weight by at least 5 lbs.  Initial tests seemed to indicate that the mount was slewing more smoothly and with less effort than before.  I’ve pushed the limits of this mount far beyond the suggested capacity since it’s all I have.

Seeing prediction for the night of 2015-11-03

Seeing prediction for the night of 2015-11-03 (courtesy of

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